Hypnosis Training

28th- 30th APRIL 2023

Have you ever thought about learning hypnosis?

How it works and will it work for me?

Now you can learn online over three days in your own home and in your pj’s!

This three-day course takes you through the history of where hypnosis came from and how you can use it for yourself and for others.

There are many ways of doing hypnosis and during our time together we discover the most commonly used techniques and dive slightly into what other methods you could discover.

We focus on the Kransner method in this course and your experience being both the client and the practitioner.

At the completion of the course, you are certified as a Hypnotherapist and are able to specialise in areas such as:-

  • Quit smoking 
  • Weight loss
  • Peak performance
  • Pain Control

The investment for you to start a new career or to improve your own life and expand your knowledge is only $790.