Silver Moon Retreats- Mother & Daughter Retreat!


Here at Silver Moon Retreats, we have been busy putting together a unique Retreat specifically for Mothers and Tweenage (10-13) Daughters to establish and strengthen the bond before hitting the teenage years. 

At this retreat, you experience activities that open the pathways for better communication and grow the bond so nothing is ever too big or too small to discuss. 

From the joys of the Bobsledding down the track and casual walks through the bushland right through to learning to journal and meditate as well as a couple of other special rituals that are not as commonly found (release the magic), enjoy it all. 

Mums, don’t worry, there is a special activity, just for you, once the girls have gone upstairs. If you have never participated in Breathwork, then you are in for a special treat. Breathwork is super powerful on the mind and deeply relaxing. Afterwards, we sit around and have a couple of wines to discuss what we have found. Form new friendships with ladies who are at the same stage in their motherhood journey.