Who are you?

The question is… Who are you? 

Not your name. Not your status. Not your job title.

But who are you when all of this is removed?


Tell me more…

From the  depths of where we come from, we all have been conditioned in one form or another. Have you craved to drop the masks and go within to find what you need to see? 

Find some shadows or open your inner eye for the first time, we are all on a journey. There is no right or wrong way to go, every path is individual and unique, just like every leaf you see is a different shade of green from the next.


Tell me where this is…

Discover the energy that surrounds the mountains and flows through the creeks and rivers, from heart and soul into Thredbo we go.

How long do I need…

For 5 spectacular days the container is held. A safe and sacred space for you to enter as one form and leave as another.  Through the New Moon of May, the perfect timing to drop and release what is required for you to transform to the next stage of life.

Why do I need to apply?

Due to the very nature of this Retreat, creating a very safe and sacred space is paramount. Ensuring that majority of participants are ready for this journey is part of making sure you also have the greatest experience possible. 


I need this!

This has caught your attention for a reason.


Go through the Ceremonies, Rituals and Processes and go forward in your adventure in this life.