Are you sick of living in the grey zone?

This Retreat is like no other. It’s deep and created to change the way you think.

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The time has come for you to change. You know you want to and need to. Just might not be sure which way to go about it.

Here is the perfect way to commit to your personal growth and development.

Like no other retreat Ive seen before you are nurtured in the time before attending the time away. 

Together with Myself or one of my team members, go through what is called a “Breakthrough” prior to our time away in bliss.

What does a Breakthrough entail?

Together we unearth what has been holding you back in the past. Think limiting decisions like “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy”  and all those negative emotions that are stored in the unconscious mind and in your body. 

We go through these and release them from where they are stored. 

Ready for you to embody and integrate the new you while we are away.


If you have completed 4 in 1 NLP Practitioner training you do not need to go through the BREAKTHROUGH prior.

The Retreat Side 

Whilst away there are many activities that bring you into your body and allow you to find your new voice, stance and sense of being.

This is a process that is purely for you to embody and integrate all that you have let go of and learnt in the previous months. This final step in being able to bring all your newly re-discovered resources inside you, to bring you as a whole.

This time away is 4 nights in a stunning homestead in NSW. 

Nice and private for our rituals and ceremonies to take place.

The daily schedule is not set in stone just yet as it is tailored to who is there and what the energies are doing.

Dates are-

29th October – 2nd November 2022


IF you are still here reading this then I cant wait to meet you!