Jessica Pidgeon

From Rebellious Teen to Correctional Officer to Mother to Coach to International Trainer…

Labels. That is what we are given at every stage of our lives. Imagine there were no labels for us to identify people by. To identify ourselves by. Imagine living exactly how you wanted without the judgement of what the social expectations are.

Jessica started her journey in 2019 when her sister-in-law convinced her to go to a Retreat in Mudgee. Here she was introduced to the modality, of Reiki. Reiki opened her mind to another world of possibilities and from there on in she has had a burning desire and passion to learn and discover all she can to be able to help other people.

Since then, Jessica has completed her Reiki Master and successfully completed her International Trainers and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy©, Hypnosis and Breath-work Facilitator.

With these tools in her belt, Jessica is able to provide an exceptional range of knowledge for the purposes of Coaching and the running of Retreats with great empowerment to all who attend.

A quick word from Jessica

“To be able to pass on the key for other people to have profound experiences where they change their lives for the better is an amazing gift to have possession of. To be able to teach and certify those people with the keys to thrive and pass them on further is even more incredible. We create our own ripple effect. “