Silver Moon Retreats

Mother & Daughter

Crooked Corner, NSW- April 2022

What you need to know

All you have to do is connect with your daughter and have fun.

This Retreat is designed specifically for you and your daughter to create forever lasting memories as well as strengthening bonds between you both.

Aimed at Pre- Teens being between the ages of 10 and 13. However, if your daughter is close to these ages please contact me prior to committing to ensure your this suits you and the actives best.

There are two key elements when building this unique relationship. Communication and Fun. During the 3 days you will find out more about your daughter than you ever have before, through carefully crafted activities. With the addition of fun and many laughs memories and experiences are where our unconscious mind draws upon how to respond to situations. By holding even more positive memories, the trust and honesty grows stronger day by day. 

The retreat is at Crooked Corner NSW. Starts on a Friday afternoon and finishes Sunday midday/afternoon. It is all inclusive, meaning all you do is turn up, let your hair down and spend time with your daughter. Let me worry about the rest. At night there is a special option for you to join in a Breathwork session (don’t worry, I’ll explain what breathwork is when you’re there) no extra cost of course.

The wild life comes in close and the birds love to visit everyday. All meals are catered for with homestyle cooking. 

To give you an idea of the activities you’ll experience here is just some examples. Not all are used and others maybe added instead. I monitor the group and use Ceremonies, Rituals and activities in accordance to the needs.



Special Bonding Painting


Free time


Candle making

Cacao ceremony

Ceremony and Rituals

Deep Discovery Activities

Fire pit

Also Receive a Gift Bag with a few special goodies.

$1800- Per family (1x Adult and 1x Pre-teen)